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My name is Vitor Hollanda. Thank you for visiting my website. I'm a Brazilian guy who loves boards. My passion for backgammon started very early, I don't remember very well the time, but I was around ten years old. It was a friend of my uncle who taught me the first movements. Back in the 80s was very difficult to get a good backgammon board in Brazil, and when you found it it was very expensive. Because of that I started making a few boards for myself and some friends. But it was in 2001 when I moved to the US that I really started  make boards. At that time, I was young, very willing, I was making at least five boards a month, sometimes more. I consider one of the highlights of my boards to be the playing surface. Between the wood and the felt or whatever it is, I put a very thick piece of fabric or thin layer of E.V.A. This makes them very silent, the dice barely make any noise. The pieces and cups that match each other are completely made by me, they are made of resin, sanded and polished one by one.

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